While many are touting the Pope’s visit as a wonderful, happy event for America, very few are sensing the dark shadow of “something” in the air …

There is something more than meets the eye that is going on in the supernatural realm that humans are unable to see or to hear. All they see with their physical eyes is the production … the extravaganza … the costumes and the superficial smiles. All they hear are the well-written speeches that are laced with rhetoric and false images of deceitful convictions.

This world is in a terrible state – a dangerous and dramatic state that is creeping up on humanity as a pack of hungry coyotes creep stealthily up before they pounce upon their prey.

In all honesty, as I watched the Papal procession drive down the road, the crowds cheering and waving their arms, it was not joy and hope that I was feeling. In fact, as I continued to observe the entirety of the Papal visit, the “feeling” I had was more like the feeling one gets at a funeral procession for a national dignitary. I found no true happiness in the face of the Pope or in any of the politicians. I heard no “hope” in any of the speeches given … only clichés, superficial desires, and riddles.

And as a pack of desperate, emaciated coyotes give out their communal chorus of eerie wailing just before they pounce upon their terrified victim, all of the sounds of the three days of well-rehearsed, cleverly orchestrated production seemed to merge together … creating a similar wail of warning for all of mankind.

Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong. And lest the reader believe that I am Pope bashing or Catholic bashing here, be assured that I am not. If I bash anything with this writing it is the apparently self-imposed naivety and ignorance that the entire human race seems to be wallowing in. THAT is the point of this blog. To awaken within the hearts and minds of everyone who reads these words the desire to stand strong and fight against the darkness that has begun to swallow this world.


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