I have completed a new book that is now in the final formatting stages for publication. It should be available on before the end of this month (March 2016).

I will not give the title of the book until it in published form, but I will tell you that it is a fun read. A bit different than my other books, it deals with the rather lighthearted subject of ART. Many years ago I was a full time artist living in Southern California. I am still an artist but I now reside in the Midwest, and believe me, my location today and the contemporary times, are MUCH different than what you will experience in the book. The new book chronicles my life during one year, 1968, taken directly off the pages of a Journal which I kept religiously and still keep to this day.

The book is about ART. Not famous artists or famous Art galleries, but young artists coming of age during one of the most colorful eras of human history. An era that will never come again. The book is loaded with photos placed strategically throughout, and it is very hard to put down once you begin to read it.

From the back cover: “A captivating page-turner for those who look fondly back upon the 60’s and especially for all “art people” everywhere. But even if you are not an artist you will love following along with the author as he interacts with the people and events of those long gone times.” 10480171_731914006877199_3268400716327027043_n

One thought on “NEW “ART” BOOK COMING SOON

  1. Hi DH

    This new book on Art will no doubt be very original. I do hope it will be a good seller. You are right, the 60’s were the best times of the world that will never return. Its basically doom and gloom from here on!

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