When someone says their religion is true, what they are really saying is that they are still searching for TRUTH. Because in TRUTH, they have not even found God yet … they are still searching for God. Why is that the case?

Because no one on Earth has actually found God. That is why no one knows for sure that the religion they practice is true. There can be no physical proof of that, and “faith” can be placed in many things, including those things of an evil intent.

You might now say, “But I’ve found God! I know God! He talks to me all the time!”

Well … no you haven’t … no you don’t … no God doesn’t. Perhaps you have had an encounter with your own conscience and you have listened to the thoughts of your deeper mind, but you have not made contact with God.

No one can find God because God exists in a “PLACE” far different than the human “place.” God is un-FINDable. And no one can know God because how can it be possible for a finite, simplistic human mind to even survive an encounter with the MIND of GOD, let alone KNOW what lies inside it. How presumptuous of any human to make those claims! Even the Judeo-Christian Bible teaches that God cannot be found, known, or understood. It teaches that no one has ever seen God and no one can ever see God in the physical – that God is “unapproachable.” Yet, religions today continue to teach the opposite and many members of those religions profess to having done so.

It is fact that ALL religions are incomplete because their “search (their “Quest”) has not ended. God has NOT been found – nor did God ever intend to be found by humans.

In the human drama that has been labeled the journey to “enlightenment,” regardless of what New Age practitioners profess there can be no completion, no end, while you remain in physical form. You can only “awaken” to the TRUTH of the fact that you are on a path without a physical ending, but a path that is real nevertheless.

The philosopher, the preacher, the intellectual, the atheist, the Dali Lama, the politician, the teacher, the student … no one is above any of the others on this continuing journey.

On the TRUE PATH no human is greater than any other human. The Pope within his Vatican palace is no further along than the Baptist Deacon tilling his wheat field in Kansas. In fact, those who profess to have found “enlightenment,” “nirvana,” “awareness,” and the like, are the LEAST likely to have found them, for they still have not learned the primary lesson: that those states of Being are out of their grasp while in the physical, and not one human being on Earth can ever transcend the physical to attain them.

HUMILITY is the only requirement for the TRUE PATH, but very few humans exhibit TRUE HUMILITY. It is when humans quit competing with God that they come closest to finding Him.



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