Although the religions of this world have a very long and sorry history of failure combined with the misrepresentation of the God they are supposed to be emulating, a few do have at least one principle attribute they have adopted that is, indeed, a good thing for humanity.

The original Native American religion (not so much today) as we discussed in our book trilogy, had one tenet that was and still is a good thing for this chaotic culture in which the inhabitants of this world live: a respect for the “Great Mystery” or “Great Spirit,” two of the names they used for God. The ancient Native Americans are perhaps the closest of all religions on Earth to giving a proper Title for God, as no one knows His real Name, and regardless of what the contemporary religions profess, the Bible is quite clear that His Ways are a complete mystery to mankind.

The Mormons (LDS) also have a principle they follow that is very good for the human culture, and it is the storage of three years supply of food and water for usage in times of distress to the economy, and/or the world as a whole. All would be wise to do the same.

The Southern Baptists are strong on TRUE FAMILY strength and devotion … that is a GOOD THING.

There are a couple of other religions on Earth that have a good point or two, but by far the one that I know to have the most to offer the human race at this time in its very dangerous existence, is the AMISH religion. Yes, I said AMISH. The Amish actually have more than one or two good qualities about them that it would be good if all people everywhere adopted them. Principal of those is the SIMPLIFICATION OF LIFE. Everything about the AMISH is simple. From their worship of God to the way they run their homes, all is based upon simplifying the human life and lifestyle. That is a good thing, indeed.

And I know the Amish people are not perfect, but then no human is. I know there have been a couple of scandals about the Amish, but I also know that the scandal part came mainly from slanted media hype rather than from TRUTH. In any case, the majority of Amish are wonderful people who live a life-style that is closer to what Jesus taught than any other religion on Earth. It would pay you to study these folks and, perhaps, alter your own lifestyles to more closely resemble the Amish – maybe not the clothing and the buggies, but the SIMPLE way they view and live their relationship to THE CREATOR, and even to the land upon which they reside. For unlike many who profess the sacredness of the Earth, and abuse it every chance they get, TRUE sacredness of the Earth is a part of the Amish religion, and they LIVE it in every fiber of their lives.




  1. Now I know why; when I was a teenager my hearts desire was to run away and join the Amish community. Later on in life, I told a very close former friend of mine about it and she used to tease me unmercifully and laugh! While I have missed her tremendously I think I understand why we are no longer friends! To this day I still admire the Amish. D.H. I am a little freaked out about this correlation. I have had so much coming at me this year I am having some difficulty processing it all.

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