This universe is both governed and sustained by the laws of Physics. But are the laws that we know as “Physics” here on Earth the ONLY laws of Physics existent in this universe? If one were to speed across the width of the universe to a far away planet in a distant galaxy, could it be possible that one might encounter laws of Physics of a different kind? Physics principles that Earthlings have never been exposed to … principles that explain wonders and workings far beyond the imaginings of the Earth human mind.

Now … image for a moment that there are thousands of other universes …1047881_388164084618530_1452732784_o


  1. The human flesh is composed of trillions of particles and threads of light, condensed into the organic compound flesh which human science does not fully understand, nor control. But the TRUTH is that each of these trillions of threads is connected to every star, every sun throughout this one universe where the Milky Way Galaxy finds itself. As there are THOUSANDS of universes out there, this TRUTH should so humble the individual mind that immediate change and dedication to Health and TRUTH is made. So pitiful it is, that the number of people who are truly devoted in this way can be counted on 2 hands….

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