As this blog is being written someone, somewhere, is putting together a new list of Christian Denominations that will contain the names and descriptions of hundreds, if not thousands of Christian denominations being practiced today. In the time it takes for that person to complete and publish their list, scores of new denominations will be invented–too late to make the final cut. Question: Where did all of these “denominations” come from? Each one of the denominations professes to be accurate in its beliefs, and nearly every one of them claims their denomination is the one that Jesus thinks is best. Some even go as far as to state that if you do not belong to their denomination you will go to hell when you die. But how can that be so? How can they make such claims?

This practice is not limited to Christianity. All religions on this world make the same claims. How foolish is that? No human knows the Mind of God. Perhaps it would be best if denominations and entire religions ceased to make claims for a GOD they simply cannot fathom. Perhaps they should stop placing simplistic human limitations on a non-human GOD. Perhaps they should all return to PURE WORSHIP and dump all of the added nonsense.

One thought on “LIMITING GOD

  1. I am Catholic, and I know that I do not belong to the Catholic church, but to our Lord God Almighty. In addition to this, I know that I am a spirit being who has come to this world as an assigned soul to this lifetime according to God’s Will. My work is specific to humanity’s needs at this time. All this aside, this is what I see among the Christian population at large:
    Quite often, there are many undesirable people who stick around in any church, touting their spiritual egos and doing nothing to uplift Jesus Christ and saying that the Catholic/Protestant/Lutheran, etc way is the only way to Heaven. I usually keep my mouth shut in the presence of their insanity, because God takes care of all ignorence and dis-ease, but it IS bold and good to express the Truth about GOD’s WAY where the Holy Spirit guides, and to not allow the weak human mind to dominate any more minds than it already has. Too many christians profess their egos and their church’s dogma as “truth.”

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