Following is a quote from Book 2 in our series: “We believe in and give devotion to The One; only we do it in the way The One originally meant for it to be done, with the very simple practice of the recognition of the existence of a Creator combined with a devotion to that Creator via respect of The One’s creation, much the same as Native Americans practiced their uncomplicated faith many years ago. It is a simple way of acknowledging Creator by seeing Creator in the beauty of Nature and in the movements and practices of plant and animal beings.” (The Lost Revelation, p. 185)

The oldest religion on Earth is the the religion that was begun by God, Himself, known for years as The Great Mystery, or The Great Spirit and later as, Wakan Tanka, or several variations of that same title. Our books clearly point out that over the centuries something has perverted and distorted the TRUE intentions of God’s First Religion, and that “something” is the human culture. Jesus came to Earth to restore the First Religion. Careful observation of the New Testament shows clearly that most of Jesus’ teachings and parables utilized Nature as a way of clarifying what it was He desired for mankind to learn and live.

Jesus was not inventing a new religion for a planet that already contained hundreds of other religions that were not working. He was attempting to bring mankind back to the original Way – the Way that worked. If this world wishes to solve the terrible problems plaguing it, problems that if left uncorrected will destroy the world, they must RETURN to God in the way God first instructed them, at the very moment He placed them on this world.

Although many of today’s Native Americans have left those First Ways behind for the temptations of the contemporary culture, kudos must be given to those “Traditional” ones who make the attempt to remain faithful to God’s original instructions. It would benefit humanity greatly to do the same … before it is too late.