As this article is being written, thousands of monks, nuns and priests from various religions are reciting to themselves the prayers and petitions of their daily “offices.” Many of them are on their knees with their heads bowed and their eyes closed, their brows deeply creased from years of deep concentration, poring over the same old, rote prayers they long ago memorized and now recite almost mechanically from heart. After centuries of modification to the human lifestyle; after decades of rapid technological development; after the presentation of hundreds of new speculative theories on “life, the universe, and everything”, one is forced to ask: Why are these cloistered men and women still doing this?  Why do we still have monks and nuns?  Is there a valid reason for these vocations to continue? Is this merely the retention of some superstitious way of life that has somehow managed to slip through a medieval crack in the wall of time? We at B-PI think not. This world is in desperate need of such dedicated Christians as these. As long as the contemporary culture outside the Monastery walls continues to flourish in the revelry of religious pomposity, denominational chaos, ego, greed, anti-Christian activities of every type imaginable, and the general state of a demented and profane cultural mindset, it is not just a “good thing” to have these gentle Giants of the faith maintaining the purity of Worship that God requested of all mankind, it is a necessity.