pause now to remember MOTHER


While driving to a restaurant for the weekly Saturday morning breakfast routine, the drive involved becoming a part of a rainstorm like none I had ever experienced before while driving on this world – torrential rain, wind, and massive streaks of lightning striking all around the car in huge bolts pounding the Earth every five seconds or so.

The distance between ANNICA and the restaurant is only about five or six miles, half by country road and half by highway, but what would have been on a normal day of clear weather – taking only ten or fifteen minutes to complete ­– a short uneventful jaunt in the country was, today, like a ride at Disneyland gone wild, times 1000.

For the locals who were awake enough to witness it, it was a brief reminder of just the tiniest bit of the POWER OF MOTHER as SHE paused for a moment in HER more important tasks to embed forcefully within the countenance of the inhabitants of this little world that it is SHE that is in control, and not any human being or beings who are waltzing about down here in their self-imposed arrogance and self-righteousness.

There is enough TRUE POWER in one raindrop, if “brought forth” correctly, to destroy this entire planet in one second. There is enough energy in a single bolt of lightning to annihilate the entire solar system in the time it takes for MOTHER to blink HER EYE only once.

How foolish are the simple, delicate, and immature human creatures on Earth for busying themselves with such adolescent behaviors and entertainments as they are now doing, while completely ignoring, and even denying, the ever-present and immense BEING that is MOTHER.

MOTHER is not pleased. A rude awakening is coming …