1625539_10203574107375387_4140685442134311776_nMuch has been transpiring here in America these past few weeks. But all of the good that may have been seen from the new changes in the American Culture is now being terribly overshadowed by evil intentions running amok. When I first learned to cook, my Mother once told me, “Be careful not to over-season the soup. And take your time in cooking it so all of the spices and vegetables have a chance to intermingle gently with each other. Then the soup will be very tasty.” America is, indeed, a melting pot of many things. It is a large soup that was coming along quite nicely with careful seasoning being done, a tad here and pinch there … but some have decided that things are not happening fast enough for them, so they are attempting to throw everything into the pot all at the same time.

The American Culture can be likened unto a snowball rolling quickly down a mountainside. As it rolls, of course, it gathers more snow and grows in size, but it does so in a uniform, organized fashion according to the laws of science. When the snowball reaches the bottom of the mountain it is nearly perfectly round and it then rolls gently off into the distance.

But some are not content to let Nature take its course. There are many who are standing along the way by the path of the snowball, and as it rolls quickly by them they try to shovel their own extra load of snow onto the snowball. The result is that the snowball, instead of gathering strength and perfection as it rolls along, takes on the abnormal jagged shapes that all of the awkward additions have forced upon it, and its journey down the mountain, which should have been smooth and gentle, becomes rugged, jumpy and chaotic. When it reaches the bottom of the mountain it does not roll gently off into the distance, it careens and wobbles violently until it’s mass can no longer hold together … and the snowball breaks apart and is destroyed.

As the old saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” It was built slowly and precisely, and it was the greatest, most powerful culture on Earth for many years … until some of the Romans began doing exactly what some are doing here in America today. The result: the most powerful culture on Earth destroyed itself from the inside.

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  1. This blog reflects brilliant intelligence. Metaphorically depicting what humanity is doing to itself is NECESSARY, and Dr. Parsons does this with perfection and in wisdom.

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