The Bliss-Parsons Institute has been studying humanity for many years now, and although our studies have shown that for the past 100 years or so human beings seem to have sped up their free will choice in bringing about their own demise, we wish to remind everyone that there is still time for humanity to correct the damage it has done to this world. There are only two things that must be done in order to reverse that damage and we have discussed those two things thoroughly in our books and on this website: 1. Return to TRUE Worship of GOD, 2. Return to “Righteousness” – which means human beings must cease their out of control, cultural lifestyles, and return to living lives of a moral, ethical nature. We also have outlined exactly how to do both of those things in our books and on this website. We will continue to proclaim this message until the Last Day, as that is what we have been Set Apart to do. But our words are not hollow. They carry weight. Unless men, women and children awaken to the seriousness of the situation they have placed themselves in, every word of every message we have proclaimed will come to pass. Please do not take our counsel lightly, for it is TRUTH, and TRUTH WILL BECOME SO, regardless of the wishes and wants, the fads and fashions, and the “politics” of humanity.