I have been asked by some, “If we no longer attend church because the church has become so worldly and ineffective, how DO we practice WORSHIP and PRAISE for GOD?” As Elise and I have said many times GOD no longer accepts the rituals and programs of the churches of ANY religion today. “Church” was never meant to become the insipid entertainment venue that it has become today. What GOD now requires is PURE WORSHIP from the depth of an individual person’s soul. But how do you attain that state of being? What do you have to “do” to get there. The answer is that you do not have to DO anything, you have to allow yourself to RECEIVE GOD by rejecting all of what you have learned, and by undoing everything you have done to yourself by following the dictates of humans instead of the LAWS of GOD. You must make the personal decision to leave the cliches behind, and allow GOD to TRULY work within you. I have drawn a simple diagram that I am posting here now. It will give you a simple visual of the WORSHIP PROCESS. You may study this and use it as you wish. The direction of the diagram is UPWARD. “Awakening” comes gradually by attaining each higher level of the diagram in the order they are given. You do not need any “religion” to attain this. In fact, religion will only make WORSHIP and PRAISE impossible for you. And please notice toward the top of the diagram in the Higher Being category you will find the word, “Advisors.” Advisors are not Angelic Beings. They are more akin to what Psychics and Intuitives would refer to as, “Spirit Guides.” Their sole purpose is to advise you on your Earth journey.