What was here before the universe was created? Was there “nothing,” out of which sprang the “Big Bang?” But this cannot be so for there can never be “nothing.” In order for something to be labeled as being “nothing” there must be a form of Sentience already in existence to do the labeling. In the beginning there was always a “HUM”… a vibration of energy produced by the nothingness of space. The vibration emerged out of nothing. It was a vibratory HUM of pure silence. It was both nothing and something at the same time.

The HUM was and still is Sentient.  Out of the constant resonance of the rare frequency of the HUM of nothingness, “things” formed, for “silence” and “nothing” are BOTH “things” in their own right. From the things called “silence” and “nothing” God created everything found in all universes today. Where did God come from? God was and is the totality of the Sentience that always was and always will be.