It is a sad statement to make, but without question, voting-aged Christians are to blame for the terrible problems we see in the world today.

The great majority of “Christians” are sitting on their fannies in large churches listening to feel good sermons and Christian rock concerts with raised hands while singing insipid praise songs, and when the entertainment is over, they go home and merge in with the rest of the world feeling holy all over and griping about “the terrible state of things out there.”

When it come time to visit the polling booth, these so-called “Born Again” believers clearly reveal just how shallow their relationship with Christ truly is. Instead of voting for politicians who are supportive of the Teachings of the Christ, a large number of “Christians” voted for politicians who are clearly anti-Christian, pro-abortion, and pro-philosophies that would make the Apostle Paul’s hair curl.

Instead of voting for politicians with Christian ethics, a large number of professed “Christians” voted for racial reasons, or for the monetary benefits they would gain from it.

If you Truly wish to save America from the very clear and present dangers that confront it, you will stop voting with your emotions and with false information you have been fed for years. You will vote with the Mind of Christ, as the Bible instructs. You will ignore your race, your skin color, your ancestral heritage, and all of the politically correct nonsense that is contributing to the rapid decline of this nation. You WILL vote for the values and principles Christ taught. If not, in the very near future, you will NOT be able to vote at all.