A couple of statements found salted within the last few pages of the first prophetic volume of, The Diary Of Mary Bliss Parsons, are so important that they must be mentioned here, for therein lies a primary enphasis of B-PI, and what should be THE emphasis of spiritual organizations, politicians, churches, and every other person on this world.

“We are at a crossroads … that crossroads leads in two directions. One direction is the way of peace and ultimate prosperity, where every living creature will be translated in the blink of an eye into the glorious Spirit Being they are … the other direction leads to immense pain and ultimate annihilation. (Heaven and Hell, however you refer to them, or whether you believe in them or not, nothing will change the fact of their existence.) Which fork in the road do YOU take? The fate of the world is entirely up to the readers of this book.”

The book prophecies point out the fact that there are two main problems the human culture has created for itself that are now rapidly destroying this world and every living thing upon it: 1. The lack of TRUE worship of God, and 2. The detestable and profane state of the contemporary culture that has now become an abomination to God.

The book also states that there are only two solutions for those problems: 1. Immediate return to TRUE worship of God, and 2. Immediate return to practicing the TRUTHS and LAWS God gave to this world, for the purpose of insuring the survival and sustenance of both the planet, as well as, the creatures residing upon it.

The Bliss-Parsons Institute is not affiliated with any church, denomination, religion or philosophy on this world. We are a “Think Tank” comprised of scientists, spiritual leaders, artists, philosophers, physicists, educators, writers, and theoreticians of many endeavors. We do not seek to proselytize or to convert anyone from any religion to any other religion. Our sole purpose is to return humanity to GOD, not to religion. The religions of the contemporary culture are failing to do that.

Regardless of what the human ego attempts to invent for itself, humans do not get to decide Who God is, nor do they get to decide the rules which create and sustain His universe. Unfortunately, human arrogance now believes the opposite.

Unless the human inhabitants of Earth change radically and quickly, God will allow humans to destroy their own world.