I am going to go ahead and post these here. I have already shared them on Facebook, but I wish to also share them with those who are following the Bliss-Parsons Institute. The charts are fairly self-explanatory, however, in a few months a new book I am working on will be published and these charts will be explained in great detail in that book.

Worship should be SIMPLE. It should be FREE and it should be Personal – between you and God. These charts contain all of the information necessary for anyone who is interested that wishes to “Worship” God without being a member of any organized religion on this planet. The charts tell you how you can be a TRULY Spiritual person without having to wear the silly costumes or do the man-made rituals, or follow a bunch of rules that humans invented. If you want truly SHARE your own being with God without having to go through a man or a woman or a groupHow to Worship13662396_1053134221431770_1076764334_o to do so, these charts are for you.