Evil, like the malignant disease it is, is distorting and lengthening the space between human spirits and Truth. Logic, morality, and rationale have been poisoned and in many cases removed from society. This evil is present in humans of all races and genders, but the violence and chaos you see in the news every day has nothing to do with race or mental illness. It has everything to do with Spiritual warfare: the war between Righteousness and evil. Unless that TRUTH is admitted by the inhabitants of this world, and steps are taken to change, little can be done to bring human society back to a state of rational thought and righteous behavior. Solutions to today’s problems can never be solved unless TRUTH about the problems is realized, admitted, and acted upon. As of this writing, humanity is simply not willing to do that. It will be their imminent downfall if they do not act very soon.


  1. God Almighty is the Source of and the Substance of Truth, but humanity is too busy trying to align worldly ideations and dogma to it on the one hand, and at the other end of the spectrum, this politically-correct world is busy attempting to destroy the Essence of God’s Truth in normalizing evil thoughts and behavior. Morality, which is a branch of God’s Truth, is over-riden by political liars, and this same politics (as displayed by the present oval office) says that morality has nothing to do with the depravity of mankind’s behavior.
    “There are mentally unstable people all over the planet, ” was a quote made recently by obama, who intentionally rejects God’s Truth in every fiber of his being and has acted from this deadened state of mind for both terms of office.
    People need to ACCEPT that evil is a reality. There is an enormous Spiritual Battle being waged now, as the defeated devil’s minions attempt their Custer’s Last Stand. God is watching how many human beings will choose the Truth of Infinity over the lies and dis-ease of this world. Woe and intense suffering is coming for those souls who maintain destruction and evils made normative.
    These ARE the End Times, and like it or not, each resident of Earth must Awaken to the fact that ALL LIFE Belongs to God Almighty. If you really want to LIVE, then you will do your best to reject the filth of this world in your mind, heart, and flesh…WHILE you embrace the Holy and Simple Truth of God Almighty’s Indomitable Love.

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