On my Facebook page (as well as all of the B-PI FB Pages) you are likely to find a mixed bag of “Posts” from a wide assortment of people who are of differing religious, scientific, or spiritual persuasions, labels and exercises. One day you might find a quote by Pope Francis, another day by Billy Graham. Still another day would reveal words of wisdom from Paramahansa Yogananda, or something from Menachem Mendel Schneerson, or Thomas Merton. I have used quotes from prominent Native Americans many times on my Page, as well as several quotes from personal friends who are Astrophysicists, and NASA staff members assigned to many different functions and responsibilities at various NASA facilities.

After looking at my Facebook ”LIKES” section, one person noticed that in the morning he saw 36 different Likes on the subject of the Baptist Church, that same afternoon when he got back on Facebook he noticed that all of the Baptist Likes were gone, and I had replaced them with several Likes concerning the subject of Astronomy. He began to follow my FB Page on a regular basis, taking note of the fact that my Likes section changed often and quite dramatically throughout the week. He told me, “Tuesday I saw you go from 42 Likes on Mormonism to 39 Likes on Catholicism! Thursday you started the day with 29 Likes about Native American culture and you ended the day with 53 Likes concerning Yoga! What’s the deal with that?”

The deal with that is quite simple: Truth is Truth wherever it is found. Do not forget that B-PI is a “warehouse of independent thinkers.” As is stated in our Purpose Statement on the Home Page of the website, B-PI is a “Think Tank” that is not affiliated with any “organization, church, denomination, religion or philosophy on this world.” My FB “Likes” change as a result of my necessity to find examples to use that will better clarify TRUTHS to my FB Friends. It really is as simple as that.

The primary purpose of my FB Page is to proclaim the two prime directives found within our books: 1. For humans to return to PURE devotion to God and away from religion, manmade doctrines and ritual, 2. To convince the human culture to cease their superficial cultural/racial customs, political agendas, and juvenile entertainments, and replace them with the TRUTHS they were gifted at their creation.

So please do not attempt to label me as being “this or that or the other,” for I am none of those and I am all of those. I am but a Messenger. First and foremost it is my task to deliver TRUTH to any and all who will accept it. I assure you that none of my Posts or my Likes are randomly placed. Every single one is there for a specific reason at the time it is there. Every Post and every Like has a deeper meaning than you might first perceive. It is up to the individual reader to discover that meaning, and to accept or reject it’s intent. As always, every reader has the Free Will to do either.