We are being asked more and more about publishing some of the Healing/Miracle testimonies we have been receiving from those who have experienced Miracles from reading our books. It seems that Book 3, “Beyond Infinite Healing,” especially is generating some very dramatic MIRACLE Healings of just about every nature from mental/emotional problems, to stage four cancer, simply as a result of reading the book alone, or from saying one of the prayers mentioned in the book. For those of you who have not read “Beyond Infinite Healing,” you might wish to do so. Just the simple act of reading it might change your life forever.

As a result of the interest being raised by the Healings/Miracles being witnessed, we have decided to print several of the Miracle Testimonies either on the pages of our website, or to develop a page devoted entirely to the Miracle Healing testimonies. Some of the Healings are, indeed, MIRACLES, as they cannot be explained away as being anything else. And just to whet your appetite, I am printing here, by permission of the one who experienced it, her account of a Healing experience that is truly Miraculous in nature. And I do wish to emphasize, as we always do at BPI, that the books are not doing the healing. Healing comes ONLY from GOD. But GOD honors the FAITH of a person when that person places their faith in HIM.

The following MIRACLE TESTIMONY is reproduced verbatim as it was given to us. It is the statement of a professional ICU Nurse who witnessed a miracle happen after she prayed a prayer found in “Beyond Infinite Healing.” This is a credible testimony from a highly respected medical practitioner.

“I wanted to share something that happened with a patient at work. This patient has suffered from advanced dementia for several years. She came to us for a different reason and had to be intubated for pneumonia.
One night I was taking care of her and her husband was there talking to her. It was clear that she just couldn’t understand. I was reminded of the part in Volume 3 (of “Beyond Infinite Healing”) when Din and Elise went to the nursing home and encountered the elderly lady who hadn’t spoken in many years. Elise and Din said a prayer over this lady and she started to talk. I tried to remember the prayer and said something similar for this patient silently in my mind.
I came in to work tonight and have her as my patient. She is now extubated and can interact actively with her family. She’s able to talk and answer questions in a way that she hasn’t been able to for a long, long time. Her son told me that she hasn’t been able to speak coherently for more than 2 years. I’m so very thankful to The One that this precious time has been given to this family, and I have been blessed to witness this divine miracle! Praise GOD!!!” Nurse K.


  1. From the Simplest of God’s Miracles such as the falling rain unto the most unfathomable of Creator’s Hand in action, GOD ALMIGHTY’s HEALING is TIMELESS within such INDOMITABLE LOVE!

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