There are three things that are destroying this world at a very rapid pace: Political Correctness, Radical Religious Extremism, Pride of Race. By the word “destroying” I mean exactly that. Any inhabited planet that hopes to advance beyond the superficial stage that Earth now portrays, MUST rid itself of these three things quickly. If Earth humans continue to display such artificial, emotional behaviors as these, the freedoms you now know, and the safety you now enjoy, will cease to exist very soon, and in less than 20 years Earth will be no more. There are no options. It is Law. It will happen.

This world is playing out exactly as we prophecied in our books. If something does not change for the better in a very short time, this world will come to a very dramatic end … much sooner than one might realize. America, you’d better wake up and you’d better do it NOW. You’d better stop playing politics and bring to a halt the efforts of those who are destroying you from the inside.

Regardless of what you have been indoctrinated with, or what you personally believe, America is the only country that is holding this world together, if America falls, the world will fall very quickly. This is not personal opinion, it is pure logic. Open your eyes … see the TRUTH. Act quickly … time is running out.

2 thoughts on “AMERICA MUST WAKE UP – NOW

  1. TRUTH that is both destroying lies and Healing those who would choose Healing. Regardless of what billions decide, God’s Will continues through those who are focused upon it.

  2. Dr Parsons has written some true words here, I often tell people here in Australia that the world would have been a much worse place if it hadn’t have been for the positive actions of the USA especially during wartime. I see the actions of the radical religious extremists especially ISIL (ISIS) and Al Quaeda as extremely violent and destructive to the world and that at the moment, little appears to be being undertaken by the major powers to eliminate this major problem. I do hope that the USA will NOT fall to pieces as it is so true that the USA is the only country that is holding or is even capable of holding the world together and preventing total collapse.

    Elise is correct as well in that God’s will will continue for those who are focussed and believe in the Kingdom of God (sprit world)!

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