For those of you who have not appreciated the TV show, Star Trek, throughout the years, you might wish to reconsider your reasons for not doing so. Star Trek has been responsible for more technological advancements on this world than just about anything else.

Communicator badges, medical hypospray devices, tractor beams, phaser weapons, universal translators, tricorders, portable cell phones, laptop computers, I-Pads … are just a few of the things humans now use that were already being used by Captain Kirk and his crew back in the 1960’s. Star Trek was directly responsible for giving these ideas to scientists who then made them work. Today, these things now seem old hat to most who use them.

Dozens upon dozens of imaginative technological devices have been inaugurated throughout all of the various Star Trek series produced over the past few years. And many of those devices are now being employed on a daily basis, having become absolute necessities for the culture of today’s world.

There have been bunches of SciFi shows out there in TV land, but only Star Trek can show this kind of record in contributing ideas for advanced technology to the human culture. Could there be a very good reason for this? Could it be that the show’s creator, Gene Roddenberry, was not merely a “visionary?” Is it possible all of those “great ideas” were gifted to him by “Others,” who were attempting to give a shot in the arm to Earth’s technology, using a SciFi program as their vehicle? Could it be that Gene, himself, was one of the “Others?” How about a few of the Star Trek cast members over the history of the series? Could some of them have been “Others” as well?

Consider this. Up until the 1960’s very little in the area of innovative technology was happening. Cars, bombs and airplanes were pretty much old hat. But during the 60’s something seemed to jump-start techno-development in America, and from that time forward, technology on this world began to blossom. Granted, even today, the state of technological “advancement” on this world is a bit embarrassing compared to that of other worlds, but compared to the years that came before the introduction of Star Trek, gadgets of today are far in advance of the gadgets found in all the years leading up to the 1960’s.

Come to think about it, even cars, bombs and airplanes have been highly influenced by the Star Trek series. HmmSomething to think about.