For those of you who have read our books, you can’t help but notice, that the “prophecies” contained within them have been coming true with 100% accuracy. I would, therefore, like to go on record as claiming they will continue to prove accurate all the way to the end of the 20 years left in the countdown for the termination of this world.

Remember, the final decision for the annihilation of mankind vs. the continuance of the human species, is not to be decided by “God,” but by mankind itself. That decision is being made on a daily basis even as this Blog is being written, and it is being made via the millions of fatalistic behavioral choices humanity is making, as the eternal clock is ticking down.

In taking an honest look at societal behavior, political absurdities, immature racial issues, violent religious practices, and the increase in inane forms of cultural “entertainment” that are taking precedence over spiritual advancement, it is difficult for us to have much faith in mankind’s ability to alter its course, which at this moment, appears to be speeding rapidly toward the final end, bring about the total annihilation of the human species on planet Earth.

We would love to give you a more hopeful report than this, but the “progress” is out of our hands. We are only the Messengers. We will state, however, that it is still not too late to live in obedience to the two Directives given by THE ONE: 1. Return to TRUE worship of THE ONE. 2. Cease the rampant adolescent behavior being displayed all over this globe.

Things can turn around for the better, but that would take some major decision-making upon the part of humanity, and those decisions do not appear to be forthcoming. Earth’s contemporary cultures are seemingly unwilling to change their myriad, mundane and immature beliefs and activities. It would seem at this point that the majority of the human species is most willing to bring about their own terrible demise, not only with malice aforethought, but also with total contentment inside both their minds and their hearts. Most illogical. Most foolish. Most unfortunate.