A Controversial Statement About God

I am going to write a statement that might be just a little controversial, but it needs to be written – really not for the first time – because this world is in a bleak state of affairs right now, and it is all the result of how human beings perceive God.


Humanity continues to produce anger, hatred, judgment, condemnation, murder and war, all in the name of a “God” they profess to represent; and yet, cannot prove one single iota of who or what their God really is, let alone have the Divine consent to claim authority to represent Him!

And that is precisely because GOD is a Mystery. You cannot represent what you can never understand, and people/religions that do this simply do not know what they are talking about! They are making up beliefs, doctrines, and rituals about a God they do not have a clue about, and then professing that their beliefs and rituals are God-given, when they are not.

Every religion on Earth does this, and they are ALL wrong for doing so. As we state in our books, there are NOT millions of Gods on this planet, as Earth’s cultures and sub-cultures would have everyone believe. There IS a Creator. But even common logic would dictate that there can only be ONE Creator. That is why, in our book series, God is mostly referred to as THE ONE.

And as far as all of the distorted, ridiculous, manmade beliefs and rituals found on the planet, for any one religion to profess to have Truth over all the others, when in reality NO religion has a clue, is to make a case for the absurd.

In the books we clearly reveal to this world that there is only ONE way to worship THE ONE, and that is found within the simplicity and sincerity of the human heart. Buildings are not needed. Rituals are not desired. Doctrines and traditions are meaningless to God. Rock bands and “entertainment” are an abomination.

The ONLY TRUE form of worship for THE ONE is simply found when a human being raises his/her eyes to the heavens, smiles and tells THE ONE that he/she: believes in THE ONE, is grateful to THE ONE, and will live his/her life for THE ONE.

If you tell THE ONE these three things every day, preferably standing outside and looking up into the nighttime sky, you will be performing PURITY IN WORSHIP. You will need no church building, no congregation, no books, no music, no rituals, nor dogma … NOTHING more than your own pure testament of devotion to THE ONE.

It really is as simple as that. It is absurd, and terribly immature, to not understand the logic and TRUTH behind what I have just written. If all people everywhere were to worship THE ONE in this ONE TRUE way, then anger, hatred, nonsense and war, would disappear from this planet forever, and a bright new world filled with wonderful things beyond the imaginings of mankind, would emerge.

This has not been an anti-religion post. It is a pro-GOD post. I stand for THE ONE, not for the world. If this world does not “grow up” very, very soon, there will be nothing left of it.