Tree with roots in enchanted forestTracing one’s genealogy is one of the most popular pastimes found it the contemporary human culture, and there is nothing wrong with that. It can be quite fun, and most rewarding as a matter of fact. Today, many people are attempting to trace their “roots” back as far as possible. Most will be able to go back past the 1800’s, some will end somewhere in the 1700’s and not be able to find any more info, and a few will be able to go back even farther, perhaps, as far as the 1100’s – which is not impossible, but highly improbable.

The Celtic group is one of the most active groups of genealogy chasers on the planet. Those who pride themselves in their Scots heritage, or Irish, or Welsh, are very proud of their ancestry, and many of them display that pride all over their homes – in the way they dress, in the music the enjoy, and in a number of visitations to annual festivals held by their “clans,” and the like. And I’m not talking about all the way back to the original seeding of this world three and one-half million years ago. I’m talking about when the occupants of this world were first fully realized as human beings, when all or most of their original, other-world, substance had been diluted away, and “humanity” took over – just a few thousand years ago.

I am quite fond of my own ancestry in this particular human lifetime, but one thing that I am finding out as I learn more and more about the genetics of it all, is that most people are not going back far enough in order to find out who they REALLY are … what the “Genesis Root,” or portion, of their genetic makeup, their DNA, really is.

Taking the Celtic groups as the example for this blog, simply because it is most applicable to this part of the world, I wish to inform everyone that those who are very proud of their Irish roots, for instance, should also realize that, “being Irish,” is not what you really are. The Genesis Root of the Irish “race,” like that of the Scots, English, and Welsh, does not begin with the Irish, Scots, English or Welsh. It goes back farther to a race of NORTHMEN, NORSEMEN, who brought their genes and DNA down from where they began their cycle of human life, and introduced it into the wild cultures of the ancient UK landmass.

I will leave it up to the Asians and Orientals to find their own Genesis Root, but for the Celts out there, yours is quite clear. In reality, most of you are most probably Norwegian in your beginnings. That is why most Celtic people are, indeed, blond-haired and blue or grey eyed. Those are a modern reflection of an ancient genetic trait that hangs on till this day.

In my own research I have gone far beyond the 1100’s barrier, and have discovered direct familial lines to Norway, affirming that I am, without question, Norwegian in my Genesis Root, and, quite frankly, that is a good thing, for the Norwegians are a race to be proud of. Incidentally, just as a word of advice, for those of you who are wishing to “resonate” more fully with the power of your ancestral roots, if you wish to gain the fullness of that power, you would claim it at the very earliest point of your genealogy research. For those of you who can, indeed, go back to the land of Norway, it would be best if you reflect those in your life, and drop the more contemporary cultures to the wayside. You will be surprised what this will do for you in every facet of your human life.390205_316337605062328_1633840163_n