Winter-Summer“What good is the warmth of Summer without the cold of Winter to give it sweetness?” (John Steinbeck)

The Seasons come and the Seasons go – one of the very few things you can count on in this topsy-turvy world of politics, religion, absurdity and adolescent behavior. Every year Summer turns to Fall and Fall turns to Winter and Winter turns to Spring without any concern for the nonsense that is humanity is producing upon this planet.

But do what they will, humans can never control Nature, and why is that? Because Nature is operated by a Higher Source that controls not only the changing of the Seasons, but also the humans who falsely believe they are in control of so many things they are not.

One day when you have nothing else to do, seek the solitude of Nature. On a quiet day or evening go somewhere out into the woods, or into your back garden, and sit down upon the Earth, and close your eyes and listen. Listen very careful. You just might hear a faint vibratory, buzzing sound, or drone of electrical energy, similar to that of the noise an electric transformer makes at the top of an electric pole.

That is the sound MOTHER makes when SHE sings life into all living things. It is HER HUM, HER Song Of Life. It is the Energy SHE gifts to every sentient “thing” in all universes, and you can hear it any time of the Earth year, but especially at the beginning of each Season. Whenever a Season begins anew, MOTHER releases a high volume of powerful energy onto this world. Each Season has its own distinct frequency that only MOTHER controls. That is why you can “feel” Fall in the air. You can “feel” Winter coming on. You can “feel” the sense of Spring bursting forth. You can “feel” the magic of the heat of Summer as it radiates life and heat.

Try as they will, humans will never be able to control Nature. They will only continue to do the things they have been doing for many centuries, all of which are a blight to the frequency of Life upon this world. But MOTHER is growing weary of this … HER patience is running out.

The Earth is groaning because of mankind. But MOTHER hears … MOTHER hears …


  1. And what PRECIOUS MOTHER hears is the intentionally CHOSEN evil by a human species, willfully brought forth by minds which have already had 2,000 years of exposure to TRUTH, the Way, and the LIFE but STILL choose the nasty noise of worldly lies to be their favorite music…Why so blessed of a humanity would choose the serenade unto hell is a crying shame….

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