Valle Dei Templi, Agrigento, SicilyWhen humans were first seeded upon this world “religion” did not exist. Humans lived in a perfect state of purity for centuries until evil was introduced into the human culture by those of a darker nature from a few different worlds. It was then that a simplified form of “Worship” was given, by THE ONE, to humanity, in order to cope with and fight the evil that had come upon them. But throughout the years, with the highly orchestrated influence of that foreign evil, the original Pure state of Worship morphed into all of the “religions” found upon Earth today – literally in the millions now.

Religion has become man’s awkward effort to get back to THE ONE after having lost the TRUTH. It is written into the DNA of human beings to Worship GOD. The reason there is so much division upon this planet is because the religions have so confused the issue, that it is impossible to locate TRUTH amidst the chaos of rituals, dogmas, opinions, and attitudes that come as baggage for every religion on Earth. The objective of every person upon this world should be to return to the original, pure state of Worship. In order to do that, “religion” must be removed, and Pure Worship must be returned. That can only happen when the human ego is crushed by the TRUTH of THE ONE … sometimes a painful experience, but necessary for the survival of humanity, as time is now running out.

If you wish to join in the effort to save this world from imminent destruction read, “The Diary Of Mary Bliss Parsons,” book series, for information on how YOU can help.