Milky Way Over The Desert In The Bliss-Parsons Institute home office there hangs a poster depicting the very center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The poster states that the star clouds in the photo contain only a fraction of the 400 billion stars in our galaxy – only one of billions of galaxies in this universe alone, and there are billions of universes, many larger than this one.

The photo is stunning. It is impossible to count the number of stars that are represented, but they are in the millions, and every star has the potential of being its own solar system complete with several planets in orbit around that star. The poster is entitled, “Is Anybody Out There?” This question should be on the lips of ever human being, as infantile Earth cultures continue to wreak havoc with the politics, religions, races, and absurdities they have invented for themselves, and are now using to destroy their own species. Have all humans become so enamored by their own overblown image of how they see themselves to be, that they arrogantly believe they are the only inhabitants found within this galaxy, or that they are in any way similar to, or advanced beyond, the cultures found upon other worlds?

When you consider that there are millions of galaxies, many larger than the Milky Way, it is ludicrous to suppose that Earthlings are alone. Why is it so hard to admit that there are not only “others” out there, but “they” could be far superior to the simple-minded creatures found upon this world, and not so “far” out there as you might expect.

Being allowed to continue in existence within a Universe that is governed by Higher Laws than humanity is willing to obey, is not a fundamental “right” of human beings, it is privilege that can be removed at any moment, without the consent of the insignificant leaders found within the cultures upon this lonely little world. Would it not be prudent for humanity to change its adolescent ways before those “others” out there decide this little world is no longer worthy of co-existing with those of a Higher Nature?

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    The world lies to itself, based on the disconnected collectivity of the minds of billions of Earth’s residents, in thinking that religion, politics, “social equality”, and even surface environmentalism will change the path of doom that this species faces…

  2. I strongly believe that the Universe is teeming with life of all kinds. On the Moon there appears to be water and where’s theres water there is certain to be life of some kind, even if is simply algae! On the rim of one the craters of the Moon, namely the Humboldt Crater, large green patches have been detected. These patches are possibly a new species of alga or bacterium. On Mars, although NASA are trying to hide the evidence, there appears to be much surface and below ground water, such that there appear to be weird vegetation types supported by the soils and the water within the region of the Martian South Pole. There are undoubtedly millions of planets supporting some kind of life. But at this stage, apart from the Moon of Earth and Mars, humans are unable to traverse the vast distances required in order to reach these habitable planets. It may be a long time until extraterrestrial life forms can start to be documented by Earthlings!

    • Indeed you are correct, Trevor. Humans will never traverse the vast distances of deep space using conventional means. But as we point out in our books, it is not only possible to visit other worlds very easily and quite quickly, it is already being done. An upcoming book will explain how this is not only possible, but how it is done.

    • This book is almost finished. Hopefully it will be ready to publish sometime this summer.

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