Recently I was asked a very good question that, although it might make for a lengthy Blog, it is a good question, in that in concerns The Great Plan and the fate of Earth. The question was, “Do you think the String Theory is credible, and how would it come into play when speaking on a grander scale than particle physics, such as the destiny of Earth itself, and perhaps even the entire universe?”

Without going into an in depth explanation of the String Theory, for those of you who may not know what it is, it is a theoretical physics principle that attempts to explain what goes on in a quantum level environment. It has been used to explain the behavior of nearly every elementary particle in the world of quantum physics. From quarks, neutrinos, bosons, strong nuclear force, and quantum gravity, all the way up to dark matter interaction, and boundary relationships between solar system and galaxies. It is a catch all “theory” designed to give explanation to the unexplainable.

First of all let me say that the “String Theory” is simply that: a theory. There is actually very little evidence that this theory is even credible. The theory is mostly discussed by theoretical physicists, and that isn’t a bad thing because that is where humanity goes to begin the process of discovering Truth and not just theory. However, that being said, there are many physicists that do not believe in the String Theory. I think the main reason that they do not believe in it is because all of those other theoretical physicists who have been talking about it have added so many of their own “slants,” “prejudices” and ideas to the theory that it has become so complicated that very few people can actually explain what it is.

Personally, I do not believe in the string theory as it is postulated, however, there is one thought that comes out of the theory that is accurate: there are trillions of long streams, or lines, or “strings” of energy/light that are released from every object in this universe and from every action that is made by humans or anything else for that matter. For instance, when a human plays music, millions of vibratory energy waves or streams or “strings” are released out into the universe. Energy never goes away, so that energy combined with all of the energy from millions of TV’s Computers, Boom Boxes etc. is being released into the universe from this planet, constantly, 24/7.

Where does that energy go? What does it do? Well … it has to go somewhere and it has to interact with the other energy “strings” that are being released from not only all of the other things that humans do, but from all of the other INHABITED planets out there in the universe. Don’t forget: EVERYTHING releases energy frequencies or “strings,” so you can imagine that eventually with enough of these “strings” being released and traveling around in space at thousands of miles per hour, they might just do some harm to the universe, and certainly to the Earth.

When you read our book series you will find I explain exactly how these “noises” or “strings” and etc. are disrupting the “Creation Frequency” that is responsible for giving and sustaining life on this world. Global warming is not responsible for the droughts on Earth, or the tornadoes or earthquakes, or tsunamis. It is the uncontrolled release of constant and unnecessary energy from humanity that is doing all of those things. And as we point out in the books, unless humanity changes it’s ways, humans will destroy their own world within the next (now) 20 years.