Earth science has shown that only between 5&10 percent of human DNA is actually being used for building proteins. The remaining 90-95 percent is a mystery to scientists. Just exactly what does the 90-95% do? DNA is as important to a human being as a heart or a brain, and yet Earth science hasn’t got a clue as to what it does. Might we suggest that the remaining 90-95 percent has very little to do with human physical functions and very much to do with functions of a HIGHER nature? Could it be that it might even have something to do with a some sort of “connection” to an ancient culture not native to this world? Perhaps, the mystery DNA is the key to opening up the human mind to abilities that humans have only dreamed about, or read about on the pages of Sci Fi novels.

Very few people on this world TRULY have what are called “psychic” gifts, such as, ESP, Remote Viewing, etc., but it is FACT that there are some who DO have them, and that fact cannot be denied. Where do those gifts come from? While there are some extreme fanatics out there who would say they come from the devil, that belief is not only illogical, it is not found anywhere in the scriptures. Some of the greatest “Saints” throughout history have been gifted with such paranormal gifts, and they were canonized by the Church!

Could it be that the mystery DNA is responsible for such gifts that cannot be explained in any other way? Could it also be that all humans, at one time, had these gifts, and over time they lost them due to the intake of such tremendous amounts of simplistic thoughts, emotions, opinions, agendas, political idea, religious doctrines, etc. etc. etc. that the gifts were buried so deeply inside the subconscious mind that only a few very sensitive individuals could experience their release?


  1. To have the endless gifts of what is stored in the DNA revealed requires Patience, Faith in God’s exclusive Hand in the gifting, and focus upon that which Lives beyond this world….Any gifts given to any individual is for the sole purpose of assisting ALL LIFE, and glorifying Creator and Creator alone.

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