The world is a mess. Just look at the six o’clock news. Just take a walk down at the mall. Just look at your neighbors next door. Visit the local university. Attend your own Church. What used to be called bad is now good. What used to be called good is now bad. Bad people are now good people. Good people are now bad people. And virtually nothing the Bible teaches is now being taken seriously any more. When people go to some of the churches “out there” they go through all the motions and sing all the songs and say all the right things, but the minute they walk out the door they become just like the world – no difference. What Jesus taught is thrown out the window of the car on their way home. They have even brought the world into the Church and rationalize what they have done by claiming it will help the Church grow. Grow into what? The Church is becoming more and more like the world every day, and you can rationalize it all you want, but folks, this is wrong. The question has to be asked, “Why are churches doing these things?” The answer has to be, “Because of the money.” Shame. Pure shame.