Misplaced Philanthropy

Destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.

One of the headlines on MSNBC this morning stated that NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg just donated another 350 million dollars to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins. He has now given over one BILLION dollars to Johns Hopkins. Which is indeed an honorable charity I suppose – if it were not for the fact that on the same page two other news stories told how:

  1. Mayor Bloomberg is praising President Obama for his efforts at helping the hurricane Sandy victims, and
  2. Hurricane Sandy victims are “scrambling for housing.”

It seems that Mr. Obama has done very little for these hundreds of people who are still living in sub-freezing weather inside of TENTS. The relief response from the government is the worst ever in our history. People are literally freezing to death because they have no place to live. Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg should cease his praise of Mr. Obama and redirect some of his vast multi-billion dollar fortune to aiding those who REALLY need it. I would also say, Jersey politicians are equally at fault, and should quit playing around and get help to these poor people. This is one of the worst injustices toward American citizens witnessed in modern times – one of the many injustices on this planet contributing to the distortion of the Creation Frequency.

One thought on “Misplaced Philanthropy

  1. Each and every thought, intention, sound, movement, activity and stillness DIRECTLY affects the astro-physical WEB of Life called The Creation Frequency, which is a GIFT to this planet and its residents. Humanity has lost its ability to see this all-permeating, cosmic network of energy in which each and every person, animal, plant and thing has a place. This Web has been distorted, maligned, and manipulated with intention by certain focused thoughts among some residents of this planet.
    There is a real battle going on upon Earth, but the battle is evil energy fighting for one last breath in the awareness that it is being exterminated by its own doing. God’s Unconditional Love is victorious, eternally.
    The political leaders of this world show their true natures, now with glaring vividness. It is up to humanity, and specifically, Americans, to display just how willing they are in toleration of such false face behavior. The whole Earth round is GOD’s country, and it is NIGH time the residents of this planet live in such an honorable way.

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