Lance Armstrong: When is this adolescent culture going to wise up to the FACT that all SPORTS, and those who support sports, are among the most serious detriments, i.e. diseases, afflicting the world today?


    • Sports was introduced onto this world thousands of years ago by Nibaru for the purpose of

      1. Giving honor to dark, human-manufactured, gods and goddesses and
      2. To popularize the art of making war by giving the common spectator the opportunity to view the opposing sides in action.

      This is how the competitive slant to sports began in Ancient Greece in the city of Olympia – hence the “Olympics.” To this day “sports” and sporting events retain the same dark energies that were placed into them by Nibaru. The results are obvious: drug scandals, cheating, gambling, anger, aggression. This is not to mention all of the time, energy, effort, money that are wasted on sporting events, which are ENORMOUS expenditures that produce no redeeming rewards whatsoever. Trillions of dollars, trillions of hours, trillions of negative streams of energy being released upon this planet – all for the “entertainment” factor of an adolescent culture that needs to change this behavior pattern quickly, or Earth will suffer the consequences in the not too distant future.

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