The Greatest Epidemic of Our Time

We are raising a generation of deluded narcissists

“We must beware of the toxic psychological impact of media and technology on children, adolescents and young adults, particularly as it regards turning them into faux celebrities—the equivalent of lead actors in their own fictionalized life stories.“ Dr. Keith Ablow

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This is one of the most important articles written in the contemporary era. It pointedly addresses what is perhaps the most serious problem facing human culture today. Quite frankly, the human culture is a lie, and it is teaching its young people to adopt that lie and to live within it as if it is reality. What the young people are really searching for is their TRUE place of origin, and their destined place in time. This can be found only by their awakening to THE ONE GOD, who created them, and gave them the inherent gifts to overcome anything this culture might bring against them. What Dr. Ablow so beautifully suggests in his article is that this problem is TRULY the “greatest epidemic” facing mankind today. The false attitudes being portrayed by human youth all over the world are the most damaging energy frequencies being produced on this planet, and they have a terribly destructive effect upon the Creation Frequency. Those human adults who profess to love their children need to understand this, and to teach them another way: the way that leads them back to THE ONE – THE ONE WHO will in turn lead them away from the chaotic culture in which they live, and back onto the path that will guide HOME.

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One thought on “The Greatest Epidemic of Our Time

  1. Just finished reading the article of Dr. Ablow…
    He pointed one of the problems of today’s society very well, even if I consider his article to be a bit harsh.
    But yes, we must act before this “epidemic” becomes irreversible. So it must start with us and our children. Stop looking for outside help or who to blame. First we must help ourselves in order to help our children.
    With faith and GOD’S WILL nothing is impossible.

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